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Hi, we’re Data Garden

Hi, we’re Data Garden

We're a software service company dedicated to providing businesses with the turnkey solutions they need to execute smart growth.

Data Garden uses the latest technology to develop solution-oriented interactive dashboards for the natural and organics market.

Why Data Garden?

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There is no reason you should be blind to what is happening
with your most important customer.
The data is out there. It is just a matter of harvesting it and making it accessible to those who need it. Having visibility is vital to grow. Data Garden is solely focused on delivering that visibility to the natural and organics industry.

There is no reason your data should be over a month old.  
Timing is everything. It is vital to the products you put on the shelf, and it should be a requirement of the information you use to evaluate those products.

There is no reason to buy before you try.
Just like you, we sample our product. Free samples rule!

Don’t just buy data, buy insights.
Buying data just creates more work, buying insights and solutions creates revenue and opportunity.

We built our business to make yours successful.
Data Garden was formed to serve the natural and organic market and to empower these passionate, health conscious brands through data analytics that actually provide answers not just information. Driven by the same underlying passion, Data Garden is focused on helping their clients grow in the market to bring about a world where consumers have better choices.

Born from the same industry and thriving as a small, passionate company invested in the success of natural and organic brands, Data Garden is not only serving the market, it is part of the family.

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Evolution of a business

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Changing everything changes everything. When Evol Foods took on the challenge of rebranding, they brought in Data Garden to provide the core data analysis for how to do it, where to do it and when to do it.

Using the Naturalytics solution, Evol was able to clearly assess their current market position and plan the rebrand rollout to deliver the highest impact while managing relaunch costs.

“We rebranded a year ago, and Data Garden was a critical tool for us to identify which stores/regions to call and why. It allowed us to not only maintain our growth rate, but to accelerate it.”

- Deborah Olcott, Evol Burritos