Interactive Dashboards, a key ingredient
in managing your business.

To start up, natural and organic foods businesses need passion and a product. To grow, these businesses need to make informed decisions around every part of their business from trade spend management to portfolio optimization to promotional spending—all of which require data. Unfortunately, data isn’t always affordable and, once purchased, it can require a full staff to generate the useful insights needed to drive decision-making. That’s where we come in.

With our Naturalytics solution, Data Garden gathers business information and retail data for our clients and transforms it into usable, actionable reports designed specifically for retail organic and natural foods businesses. With easy-to-use charts and graphs, e-mail alerts about important milestones or problems, and other features, Naturalytics helps improve business reach, increase efficiency, and save money.

Solve problems

Daily, weekly or monthly sales activity reports for sales team and brokers
It takes time and money for internal teams to track down business inefficiencies and until they do, your company could be losing money or missing opportunities. With Naturalytics, teams can easily determine individual store performance, review product availability, and identify stockouts through daily, weekly or monthly reports that identify errors before they become costly problems.

Identify opportunities

Comprehensive reports to analyze weak spots in performance
Planning for growth is difficult when you don’t know where you’re making money and where you’re losing ground. Naturalytics clearly shows which stores aren’t carrying your best products, how promotional pricing and demos effect sales, and other key business measurements. Our reports help clients quickly adjust operations and seize currently missed growth platforms.

Plan and manage your business

Review sales reports by date, region and promotion
Getting a clear picture of how sales and geographic coverage look today and how they have changed over time can provide significant insights into strategic planning and help investors confirm that month-over-month and year-to-date performance is on target. With the widest date range in the industry, we track everything so you can plan for the future with the insights from the past.