How do I keep from being discontinued from stores?

SKUs are often discontinued for one primary reason–lack of strong (expected) turns. This may be due to poor placement, out of stocks, bad price point or lack of consumer awareness. Regardless, early identification of poor-turning SKUs can stop discontinuation. The Average Units Per Week Per Store Report can pinpoint the weaker SKUs to set up an action plan, improving turns and holding on to precious shelf space.

How is my marketing activity supporting sales volume?

Does marketing work for your brand? What kind: demos, coupons, media? Daily and weekly data at the regional and store level allows you test and measure various marketing activities by using the Region Comparison and Demo Analysis Reports, improving future marketing efforts.

Are stores rolling out my new SKUs on schedule?

Your customer has committed to a regional or national roll out, but how do you know that each store has been compliant? Our New Additions Report offers daily store by store visibility into which stores are carrying which SKUs and when so you can ensure the success of your new product launches.

How do I optimize my product mix?

If you carry eight SKUs and the buyer says he can take four, which four do you offer? How do you choose between your different product lines? Our What Sells Where Report can quickly give you these answers.

What’s really driving my growth?

Sometimes teasing out the real growth driver of your business (either nationally or regionally) can be challenging. Is it new distribution? New products? Increased velocity? The answer to this question can be important to your buyers, your business planning and your investors. Our easy to use Variance Report can give you these answers.

How are my promotions driving volume?

Does the $1/off or BOGO provide more lift to my brand? Should we promote in January or July? Does it vary by region? Should separate product lines be promoted at different discounts? Was the promotion executed? Promotional spend will be your largest expenditure. Spend it right! Understand how different components of your trade strategy drive sales results via the Region Comparison and Penetration and Weekly Sales by Store and SKU Reports.

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